Please see for details and pricing on Amazon Route 53 services.

easyRoute53 FAQ

How Much Does It Cost? / What Level of Service Do I Need?

The easyRoute53 interface is available under all levels of services at easyDNS.

  • ➦If you just use us as a Registrar, you can use easyRoute53 to control your AWS nameservers, and we'll include our DNS management interface, which will provide an easy interface to manage your Route53 zone data. ($15/year for .com, .net, .org, .biz, .info or .ca domains)
  • ➦All of our DNS Hosting levels of service include the ability to either push DNS data into Route53 or pull DNS data from it. You can then combine nameservers from both Route53 and easyDNS - our nameservers are anycast deployed globally in up to 19 locations worldwide. ($15/year to $55/year depending on service level and if we're your Registrar)

    High Query Usage Pricing

  • ➦The service levels described above include between 250,000 and 5 million DNS queries per month. Above 5 million queries per month additional queries are $2 / million queries - which includes 3 anycast nameservers deployed in 19 global locations, 24/7 after hours emergency support and numerous extras such as IMAP email boxes (easyMail), subversion repository hosting (easySVN) and openid (v1.1) servers (easyID) - all under your own domain.

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I'm Already an easyDNS Member, What Do I Need To Do?

Then under your preferences module you will see a section called External Platforms, where you enable Route53

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How do I obtain keys to access the Amazon API?

We've created a tutorial on how to get setup with Amazon Route 53.

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How do I export ANAME records from easyDNS to Route 53?

When importing from Amazon to easyDNS, zone apex alias records will be imported as ANAME records. You can choose to export ANAME records from easyDNS to Amazon as A records or you can skip the export of ANAME records.

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