Nameserver Integration and DNS Management Layer for Amazon Route 53

The Route53 Registrar

With the release of easyRoute53, easyDNS becomes the first and only ICANN Accredited Registrar with native support for domain names using Amazon's Route53 DNS.

Please see http://aws.amazon.com/route53/ for details and pricing on Amazon Route 53 services.

Their DNS, Our DNS, Your DNS

In keeping with our original mission of providing the most comprehensive toolkit for your domains, you can integrate both systems into a powerful combination:

  • ✔ Automatically push your easyDNS zonedata to the Route53 cloud (Route53 slaves from easyDNS).
  • ✔ Remotely Trigger easyDNS to Import Your zone from Route53 and serve it from our nameserver cloud (Secondary DNS from Route53).
  • ✔ Mix Route53 nameservers with the easyDNS Constellation of Anycast Deployed DNS Servers (up to 25 global locations).

Just Another Benefit of Using easyDNS

easyRoute53 is included with all easyDNS Service Levels:

  • Use us as your Domain Registrar: Sorry, no superbowl ads, no scantily clad supermodel spokespeople. But you get full control of your AWS nameservers and use of our DNS Management Interface to control your Route53 Hosted Zones.
    ($19/year per domain)*
  • Use Our Nameservers and UI to manage your DNS with easyDNS and Route53, Keep your own Registrar.
    ($19/year per domain for 1 million queries / month, $39/year for 5 million queries/month. $2/million queries above 5M)*
  • Do It All From easyDNS: We'll be your Registrar and DNS Platform. Mix and match our nameservers with your Route53 DNS at your leisure.
    ($35/year per domain for 1 million queries / month, $55/year for 5 million queries/month. $2/million queries above 5M)*

*Prices refer to easyDNS, they do not include any charges incurred to your Amazon AWS account.

All accounts come with our world renowned clueful support.
Enterprise accounts (over 5M queries/month) receive 100% DNS Uptime SLA & 24x7 off-hours support

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