easyRoute53 Screenshots

The Main Route53 Overview

This is where you control the overall aspects of your interaction with Route53. You use the main module to enter your AWS access keys.

  • ➦You can setup your DNS here on easyDNS to automatically get pushed into the Route53 cloud.
  • ➦Or you can manually Import or Export the DNS data either way at your discretion.

Nameserver Management

When you create a hosted zone within Route53, your domain is assigned 4 nameservers from within the Amazon AWS cloud.

easyRoute53 maintains awareness of your Route53 assigned nameservers and which ones are currently active in your domain's nameserver delegation.

You can activate any combination of your Route53 assigned nameservers, with the easyDNS nameservers.

Route53 Control Functions

Here you control the behavior of your hosted zones. You can Import your zonedata from Route53 or Export your data to Route53.

DNS Editor GUI

This is where you can easily use a GUI interface to manipulate your actual DNS records and have them update in the Route53 system. You can add/create/modify A Records / Hostnames, CNAMES / Aliases, MX Handlers, IPv6, SRV and TXT records.

If we are your Registrar only, you would set this to automatically export to the Route53 cloud (our nameservers will not serve this data).

If you have a DNS Hosting service level with us, then this data will be live on our nameservers, and can be automatically exported to Route53, or manually exported.

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